2017 Polar Plunge Avatar

Set this as your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile picture. (click on the thumbnail then right click the image to save).

Help us make our 2017 Polar Plunges a huge success! Swap your Facebook header photo and avatar with this year’s Plunge options to show your family and friends that you’re totally freezing for a reason!

Directions for Timeline Photos: 

Step 1: Find image below that you want to set as your timeline photo. Right-click on the image and select ‘Save image as.’ Save the file on your desktop or a folder you can remember easily.

Step 2: Go to your Facebook profile page. Drag your mouse over your timeline photo (it’s the one at the top above your name and profile picture). A box will appear in the right corner of your image that says ‘Change Cover.’ Click on ‘Change Cover.’ Select ‘Upload a Photo’ and find the file you saved on your desktop (or where ever you saved it). Choose the file and hit Open.

That’s it!

217 Plunge Social Header

Set this as your Facebook Cover Photo.

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